We set up a large colorful tarp on the floor for the kids to craft on, and just need an open floor space of about 6 x 12 ft.  If the group is larger than 18 kids we would need a bit more space. If you have sufficient tables and chairs available, that would work as well! 

  • Workshops typically last 45-60 minutes
  • Pricing varies depending on the project and location, please contact us for more details!
My 7-year-old daughter and her friends LOVED the t-shirt decorating workshop with Brooklyn Craft Farm. The teaching is clear, friendly and supportive, and leaves lots of room for creative exploration. The t-shirts were amazing. I really liked the super-professional preparation - they had great tools and supplies (not the usual stuff) and took steps that I would never have thought of to make sure the project went smoothly.- Miram V.