Time Out New York – Birthday Parties


“This party’s hour-long crafting session may have kids painting their own tote bags, designing T-shirts, or making princess- or pirate-themed trinkets. Parents provide cake, food and drink, while the Craft Farm staff takes care of…”


Mommy Poppins -12 Best Brooklyn Craft Studios…


“Luckily my family lives in Brooklyn, which just may be the crafting mecca of the world (or at least New York City). There are a slew of craft studios where kids can paint pottery, work with wood, try fiber arts like knitting and sewing, or make something more offbeat (robot trash can anyone?)—and best of all..”


Etsy Labs – Make Card Holders..


“Metro cards, credit cards, and business cards…They all need a home, so why not make it a cute one? In this eco-friendly workshop on Monday, June 21, Julie and Lou Lou from the Brooklyn Craft Farm will show us..”


Brooklyn Mamas Network – Arts & Crafts Birthdays..


“Birthday parties don’t have to be boring. So in the spirit of those crafty parents and those equally crafty little ones, Brooklyn Mamas has rounded up a list of awesome places that can help you make this already special birthday party, extra special with some fun, and exciting crafts.”





Park Slope Parents – Reviews


“I want to give a shout out to a lovely business, the Brooklyn Craft Farm which hosted my son’s birthday seventh party in April. The theme was “robot trash cans;” the kids decorated lidded trash cans to look like..”


Google Plus – Reviews

google plus reviews

“Great place. Great people. Great parties! Had my daughter’s 7th birthday party here in December. Julie and Loulou helped me pull it together with calm, grace and panache. They’d thought of everything from start to finish. The girls loved making the totes (which turned out very cute and hip) and were completely…”