Kids After School Sewing Club!

We just wrapped up our after school sewing club at the Luria Academy in Brooklyn! From felt covered notebooks, fashion accessories, and puppets, to felt flower bouquets for Mothers Day and Passover matzoh covers, every session was a treat! We are so proud of these young stitchers and parents were thrilled for their kids to learn a fun and practical skill!

” Thank you so much for the amazing sewing club, Shifra looked forward to Mondays because of sewing!”- Devorah C.


“Mayah has learned so much in sewing club! This was the best class I have ever invested in, and I have 4 kids! “- Mayahs’ mom


Crafting in the Conference Room!

Flowers are a great gift for Mother’s Day. Even better?… one’s that last forever! We had a great time bringing our felt flower workshop to a local insurance company for Mother’s Day. We transformed the conference room into “craftland” and each participant took home a beautiful bouquet for the lucky mom in their life!feltflowereventcollage

The Ponies Come to Brooklyn!

We had a blast offering a variety of craft workshops at Ponycon NYC! Pony badges, pony tote bags, pony tech cozies….the list goes on! My Little Pony fans are a crafty bunch and we were thrilled to be a part of this annual event dedicated to the MLP fans!

ponycollage1 copyb

Super Hero Craft Partay!

ZAP! BAM! POW! This Super Hero themed craft party, was too much fun. If you could have any super power what would it be? Offer fresh baked chocolate chip cookies on demand? Ability to change a subway rat into a kitten? Just being able to fly would be pretty top notch if you ask me! May these hand crafted super hero capes help these amazing kids fly just a little bit higher!


Getting Crafty With New York Cares

We were so lucky to be able to host a craft class recently for the amazing volunteer organization New York Cares. The craft of the day was Monster Pillow, and these kids created some unforgettable characters, (as seen with the Monster Pillow BFF’s below)! Although it was certainly a perfectly timed craft for Halloween, if you ask me, Monster Pillow is in style any time of year!


Lady Pirates in the House!

It turns out that not every young girl dreams of being a princess…. Ok, so maybe 90% do, but these 2 gals chose pirate, and I was thrilled to help them make their piratey dreams come true! The pirate themed song and dance that followed craft time was not to  be missed. It was definitely a good day at the craft farm!

pirate girls!

Minecraft Birthday Blowout!

Minecraft seems to be all the rage these days, and we were very lucky to create a customized Minecraft birthday party for one crafty young lady!  The kids all designed beautiful t-shirts using colorful fabrics as their “blocks”. It was such a great project, we hope there are some other Minecraft fans out there, so we can do this one again sometime soon!


Frozen Craft Party!


It may be heating up outside, but this weekend at the Craft Farm it was all about Frozen! Designing Frozen themed treasure boxes along with lots of crafty treasures, (tiaras, key chains, and wallets), these young ladies definitely made some magic happen at the craft table!


Felt Flowers Galore!

I recently got married, (huzzah!!!), and had a blast designing and making all of the decorations for our wedding.  One of my favorite projects was making felt flowers for my bouquet, my hubbies boutonniere, (I have had to spell check that word so many times!), and for the centerpieces. We mixed small felt flower bouquets with larger fresh flower bouquets for the centerpieces, and they looked so beautiful! I am so excited to have my bouquet as a keepsake forever. Do you know any guys or gals that might feel the same way? Put them in touch! Brooklyn Craft Farm is now adding custom felt flowers to our mix of hand made heaven!  I am also thinking a felt flower making crafty bridal shower could be fun;)


Wedding Felt Flowers Photographed by Carrie Ann Photography


It’s Chilly Outside!

Looking for a fun craft activity for the winter weather? How about a one of a kind winter hat? Whether your kid is into monsters, robots, kittens or butterflies, they will love this craft!


Just cut out some felt, fleece, or faux fur shapes to create your design and add a few pompoms, buttons, and google eyes if you wish. An adult can help the kiddo’s with the stitching bit, colorful embroidery floss works great. It is best to just tack down the pieces in a few spots, so  your stitches won’t break when the hat stretches. For any elements you would like to glue on (such as giant google eyes!), we recommend Aleene’s Tacky Glue. Happy crafting!